Thursday, February 26, 2009

EXACTLY what I needed!

We have to drive to Yakima after school tonight to go to a funeral tomorrow. (We have to drive over Snoqualmie Pass and it doesn't look like it's going to be an easy drive.) I have SO much to do! It started snowing last night and although I knew I was being greedy (February is almost over after all), I was really hoping that school would be 2 hours late this morning... Well, we weren't, I was ready, Stella's bottle is here on the counter ready for me to go get her up and...

WE'RE TWO HOURS LATE!!!!!! We're one of only 2 schools in the entire county and I've been dancing and cheering I'm so thrilled. I just got an extra 2 hours to pack, turn Stella's car seat around, and get the house ready for Jim's niece to come and stay with the furry kids.

I actually have a couple of things to show you but I'll have to wait until this weekend or Monday. Yep Girlfriend, it's a good day!

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kate said...

I love your Etsy store. So cute. I've been wanting to do a necklace like those with the names. once I find out about baby #3, I'll have to head on over.