Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I had wanted to tell you

My last post was supposed to be about how much my girl is growing. She says, "na, na, na" (no, no, no) while running around the house, puts her doll to bed, and LOVES to be outside. She even has "movie star" sunglasses (which I never dreamt she'd leave on when her Grandma brought them), trouser jeans, and a little twill peacoat. So stinking cute it's ridiculous!

As for our little sickie... We went to the vet yesterday and although it was not pretty I think it's doing the trick and we're on our way to recovery. We've made it 24 hours without any accidents. She's humiliated she has to wear the cone and keeps running into things. Now that I know she's going to be ok I can't help from laughing at her!

Stella is spending the day with her Nona so Jim and I could tear the house apart and have the carpets cleaned. It's not pleasant when you start moving things that don't get moved often... I think that we should be required to do this once a year just to get a good cleaning it. I've also had a little time to make these:
I love these coffee cozies! I started with Erin's tutorial but I've been tweaking it. Maybe Starbuck's cups are larger than hers (or maybe she doesn't feel the need to get the 20 ouncer!) My first was a little short so I've been messing around with it. You can also see my last loaf of bread from the batch I mixed a week and a half ago. The taste changes as it ages - I think I liked the first the best. It's hard to turn down warm, fresh, homemade bread though! Finally, I changed Stella's green Christmas hat to a St. Patrick's Day hat by changing the ribbon. She's wearing it out today though so no pictures. I did find time while we were waiting for the carpet guys to finish up to use some of the ribbon for a clip though. I LOVE these! I just wish she'd leave them in her hair a little better.

Hope your weekend is a little more restful than mine!


Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Such a cute little girl!! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for commenting on my blog!

miss shortcake said...

those cozies are very, very cute! I hope your "old lady" gets better soon!

Martha said...

Oh...your girl is just too cute in that little pea coat!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

martha from Elizabeth Hill

Eva said...

what a lovely little girl! she looks so pretty in her glasses, like a little diva already.

cute craft project, too.

Liz said...

Oh, your little girl is just precious. Especially that last picture, love that sweet grin she has!

Cutzi said...

I love both the cozies and clip. I was just looking for a green St. Patrick's Day shirt for Adia today and couldn't find anything. I may just have to make her one of these to wear. (the clip, not the cozy) ;-)