Friday, February 13, 2009

What a difference a year makes

I can't believe one year ago we had a little bitty miracle girl who fit into the onesie that we purchased 4 years previously when we first decided to try to get pregnant! It really reminded me of all we'd gone through to have her in our lives. Today I look at her and I can't believe how fast it's all going. I just want to slow it down and savor each precious moment with her. I think this is when many people start thinking about another baby... If it's in the cards for us I'd be overyjoyed. If not, how can I not be completely content with this little being in my life?

In other news, I tried my first loaf of bread from my new book and though a little on the small side and a little goofy looking it was DELICIOUS!!! I couldn't wait to get good pictures so I'll try to get some of the next loaf. If you haven't tried it yet and you're a bread fiend like Stella and I, you need to get the book... go - now!

Salina is coming along, I've split for the arm shaping so it's starting to feel a little more like a sweater. I'm loving the yarn so I really hope the finished sweater fits well. And, just to show that I do finish something once and a while here's one of my sneaky hats. I made Stella 3 Christmas hats. One was a candy cane hat that Jim designed, one was plain green, and the third plain red. The red and green hats had yarn over "holes" just above the ribbing to thread holiday ribbon through. The sneaky part? What two holidays come after Christmas? Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day which also just happen to be red and green. Change out the ribbon and we've had hats to get us from Thanksgiving through mid-March. I tried to get a picture for you but this was the best I could do. Happy Valentine's Day!


Cutzi said...

Cute, cute hat! I've been working on baby hats myself over the last few days. Do you mind if I ask what pattern you used for this one?

I couldn't remember if I had popped over yet to say thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

So if not... thank you! And good to "meet" you!

Coastal Nest. said...

Im with cutz!(isnt she a doll?)
Thanks for visiting the ol blog-rama I call coastal nest.

That little baby of yours is somekinda wonderful! -o0h and that etsy shop of yours..nice stuff sister.
Ill be back, come on out and go diggin-its been awesome this year already.
nice to meet ya lotus, girl!

Liz said...

I love that last picture, what an adorable girl! And so cute in that hat. :)