Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Do you have a signature style?  I think I have a signature look, but it definitely cannot by called "style".  I love all sweaters, but I'm am completely nutball crazy over cardigans!  Long-sleeved or short, with or without a belt, cabled or fine knit, fancy buttons, hand-knit, I have and love them all.  I was missing my "old-man library sweater that I knit and about had a meltdown.  Literally, I was close to tears 3 or 4 times...  I actually CHEERED when I found it a few weeks ago and almost cried again!  I don't think anyone else who saw it would like it at all but I'm in serious love with it (and the smell of the wool, why don't more wool sweaters smell like wool?)
For school I wear my sweaters with some kind of khaki pants, outside of school I wear them with jeans.  JEANS, my other clothing love!  Now, I don't not have the typical girl build.  I am pretty much the same width from my hips all the way up to my ribcage and it's not the most flattering shape.  I don't have much of a backside either.  It creates quite a problem when buying pants.  If pants fit my hips/rear, I have serious muffin top happening but if I buy them to fit my waist you can grab a full fist of extra fabric in the back (and my lovely husband often does).  With the extra baby belly still this problem is even worse than usual.  When buying pants for school late this summer I was kind of between sizes but I took a risk and got the smaller size thinking that (hopefully) I'll lose weight when Lu becomes mobile like I did with Stella and I knew I'd lose a bit when I started back to school.  These new pants to give me a bit of the dreaded muffin top, BUT enter Gap's Perfect Boot:
I haven't purchased a pair of Gap jeans since my Long and Leans YEARS ago but Katie from Bower Power mentioned how well these work post-pregnancy last year and I kept that little tip in the back of my mind for after Lucy was born.  She was so right!  They sit a bit higher on the waist and that thick waistband is awesome.  A bit more weightloss and I think the love handles will completely disappear in them!   I still love my old Sevens and Citizens, but a couple of my favs are getting a bit sad looking and these are nice and dark.

Speaking of that, I saw a blog post where she dyed her favorite capris to get that nice dark look again...  I should see if I can find it and try it on mine!

Finally, am I the only grown woman who didn't know that the ridges on bobby pins are supposed to go towards your head?!?!  Seriously, the things you learn on Pinterest!  Try it, I've had a lot less bobby pin slippage since I made the change!

And just because posts without pictures of at least one of my loves are no fun for me...
A cell phone pic of Lucy sitting this weekend.  I swear I was just pregnant!  (and as much as I ADORE a little bitty to snuggle with, I was telling Jim this morning that it will be so. very. much. fun. when she is Stella's age.  I think that 4/5 age might be as fun as it can possibly get!)  I used to kind of think that if God gave us an "oops" miracle 3rd baby it would be so cool... I take it back ;)

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Dana KBS said...

It's a good thing we don't work in the same school, because people would probably get us mixed up...!

I, too, am a slacks and cardigans girl, with T-shirts underneath from the sale racks at Target.

My favorite pants for work are two pairs of patagonia slacks my sister gifted me when she lost weight (I swallowed my pride and took the expensive pants). I don't know the style name but it says "P8" on the tag. This was years ago and I'm not sure if they are still sold...

Sounds like we have opposite problems with jeans...I have a healthy Norwegian booty...I can't find pants where, if they fit my hips, they don't just fall down around my waist. And I hate wearing low-waisted pants at school because showing my bum crack is a wee bit unprofessional. ;-)