Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little crafty love for the girls' rooms.

Stella had a mobile on her crib, but we never really used it.  When it was time to decorate Lu's nursery I didn't even bother with one.  Then... I saw one on Pinterest (of course) and knew I NEEDED to make her one.  Of course, you can't do something for one and not the other little one these days so I made one for each of the girls' rooms. 
They're just simple little pinwheel mobiles.  Here's a shot from below:
I didn't hang it above her crib, but above the glider.  (which I LOVE by the way! Perfect for those middle of the night feedings now that we finally had to move her to her own room).  She loves it and it's so pretty when they spin.  The only drawback to having it here is that on the rare occasion we actually nurse in her room durning the day she gets distracted by it!
In family news, we braved the Puyallup Fair Saturday evening.  What a mistake!  We definitely need to remember NOT to go in the evening and NOT on the last Saturday ever again.  It was so crowded and Lu ended up getting pretty crabby and tired.  It's so funny how different these two girls are.  I swear Stella can rally through anything.  As long as she's up and there are people around she goes (and happily).  Lucy on the other hand is probably more like her mama.  When it's time for bed she's DONE and she wants to be home in her own bed.  It will be interesting to see how she handles an upcoming wedding and then the holidays.  Yikes!
Daddy having fun with his girl:
The third year these two have been able to go on the Giant Slide together - they both love it!
That's the face I get when I tell her to smile... nice!
Stella and her cousin at her grandma's wedding.  Someone asked if they were twins.  I see the resemblance I guess, but not to the extent of twins!  He's a little blonde and she is NOT blonde! ;)


Cutzi said...

Love the mobiles! And the girls are adorable. Love the one of Lucy's big smile.

Elisabeth and Sherman said...

Love it! Great job!