Monday, July 13, 2009

A. MA. ZING!!!!

I don't know what else to say about the Coldplay concert Saturday. If you haven't been - GO! This is only the second time they've been to the Seattle area, and both times they were simply fantastic. And... if you've never been to a concert at the Gorge Amphitheater - GO! I don't think that there is a more beautiful place to watch/listen to a concert in the entire country. The acoustics are phenomenal and you get to sit and watch the sunset over the Columbia River. These pictures simply do not do it justice. I took them with my phone because I was the only one too chicken to sneak in my little camera. The girls are supposed to email me their pictures so if I get any good ones maybe I'll post those later. This is the view from our "seats". Stage to the left, river straight ahead and all of the way along our right. Check out those sun rays even on a crummy cell phone camera!
I guess I didn't get a good sunset picture. :( This was the best I took (with my finger in it) and believe me, it got MUCH more beautiful than this!
Ah... it begins. We were all giddy. I still don't know what my favorite part was. We all did the cell phone wave when it got dark (I'm not sure the exact # of people, but my friend guessed about 30,000 all doing the wave with the lights on their phones was pretty cool!), the band running half way up the hill to the left and playing an acoustic version of Green Eyes (one of my fav
songs), and then playing
Billie Jean from that same spot, or the entire crowd singing across the gorge. Their concerts are SO interactive! I've basically spent the past 15 minutes going through youtube videos from the concert and reliving it - I could watch them daily.
Sunday on the way home we stopped at Lake Cle Elum which is one of our favorite little stops everytime we drive over the mountains. It's SO quiet and peaceful. We'd love to buy property in Cle Elum and just pitch a tent.
More updates on Stella to come, for now I'm going to go back to watching videos from this weekend.


Dana KBS said...

Sounds like the concert was fabulous--a friend of mine went, too, and reported the same. Thanks for posting the link to Billie Jean--what a kick!

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Wow, that really does look like an amazing place! On a gorge, seriously cool :)