Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She did it her way

One of my closest friends (and college roomie) got married Sunday. They've been together for more than 9 years and are such a great couple. The setting was beautiful! Hannah is not a "bride" - in fact, she wouldn't even let people use that word. She's not religious, hates "crafts", and the thought of a wedding made her break out in hives I think. However, once she started thinking of the day as a party I think she had a blast. It was kind of Day of the Dead/Rockabilly, perfect for them! Check out their duds. :)
She made all of those tissue paper flowers to hang from the tree (and she says she hates crafting!) What a lovely isle.
The priceless look on her face during her sisters toast.

The most incredible cakes ever! I was SO glad she wasn't the wedding kind of girl while I was eating. I had the chocolate mocha, Jim had the coconut lime. We both said they were the best we've had. I think that all "chicks getting hitched" should get several amazing cakes to choose from rather than one big one. (Some of the older guests at several points during the reception asked her if they could help themselves. Um, I realize it wasn't a traditional wedding, but when have you just gone up and helped yourself to cake before it's cut?!?!)

Hannah and I.
And just for comparison - Hannah and I more than 9 years ago at my traditional wedding. UGH!! At least we can look back and laugh. I look forward to laughing at the one above with you 9 years from now! I'm so happy for both of you!

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H said...

Thank you so much for taking such amazing pictures! And this wedding wouldn't have been what it was without you--every good idea I had came from you, with a large dose of your help!