Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Browsing Etsy

I'm ordering the silver to FINALLY make my bracelet with Lucy's song lyrics on it and decided that I really want a new necklace too.  I made two before Lucy was born.  One I wear daily - it's just two tiny circles with their initials on them.  I do love it and it's perfect for a girl like me who does not really like big flashy blingy necklaces.  I also made one with two larger square pendants and a pearl.  I stamped their names on the squares.  I liked it when I saw a similar one, but I don't actually like to wear it.  It's too loud!  The pieces jingle and jangle all day and make me CRAZY!  So, I went back to Etsy shopping.

This isn't the most exciting, but it's classic and has always been popular in the shop.  I like it! 
 I like this one but I'm not sold and I'm afraid it will be as loud as the two squares.
I know there are still two pieces, but I think I really like this one.  I wouldn't put the birthstones though, either pearls or nothing and I don't know if I'd hammer it. 
I kind of like how they just threaded the chain through the washers for this one.  I'd probably add a pearl in the middle and I'm not a fan of the beaded chains.
This is my sister-in-laws.  Again, I like it but I'm not over the moon...
I'm kind of impatient, but then again I guess I should wait until I know what I want.  Anyone seen a stamped Mom's necklace that they love?  I'd love any ideas! (mine will definitely have the new font on it) :)

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