Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm trying to ward off a panic attack!

Jim just called me and told me that he's going to be gone for FOUR nights in November!  I'm trying not to panic (yes, I know there are MUCH worse things that could be happening), but I'm not looking forward to being a single mama for almost a week!  I keep thinking of all of the things I'll be alone for...  trying to get myself and two girls out of the house on time in the mornings, bed times, dinner, I highly dislike going to bed when he's not home, and I may go crazy without having him around to talk to in the evenings.  (not to mention that there's a really good chance the girls won't get baths while he's gone!)

I'm afraid he's going to return home to this:
Go ahead, tell me what a baby I am.  I can take it!

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kate said...

You're not a baby! :)

It's hard being a solo parent. The best advice I can offer is that you ease up alot and make things as simple as possible. Foods the kids love for dinner, movie nights, and if they don't take baths they will still be breathing when he gets home :)

If you need a breather, the starbucks drive thru is never too far away and will get you at least 15 minutes of peace in the car.

You'll do great and after you have the 4 days under your belt you can do anything.