Monday, October 10, 2011

The purpose of blog reading and how Pinterest is taking over...

I first stumbled upon blogs when I was knitting and looking for patterns.  Not long after I fell in love with Google Reader and could quickly and easily add new blogs and check blogs.  I now subscribe to very few of those original knitting blogs but have added "deal" blogs, a few friends, and a lot of DIY/decorating and baking blogs.

At some point, checking Reader became more of a chore.  Now I just mark the deal websites as "read", skim the DIY, and have a few that I save for the end to actually look at.  There are even a few that 90% of the time I leave just feeling annoyed.  I've unsubscribed several times, but I keep thinking that if it's not someone I care to read about their family or leave feeling inspired/happy I'm wasting my time reading.  I already learn FAR more about most people than I ever care to know via Facebook and now we get much fewer interesting and new ideas with Pinterest.

I could share the DARLING headbands I made for the girls this weekend, but anyone who would care about headbands for little girls has probably seen them all over Pinterest.  I feel like pretty soon we're all going to have identical pictures/crafts/food because everyone pins the same things.  This is another reason I think I could cut down on the blogs I read - if there's a great idea, it will show up on Pinterest!

There are things that I LOVE about the interenet and its effect on me as a Mama.  I learn a TON, get questions answered quickly, and get a lot of ideas.  However, I also think that it makes us more competitive.  People are "sharing" what they do, but sometimes it feels more self-promotion?  I can't even come up with a word, but I know that at times it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough.  I'm not home with my girls all day, I don't have amazing home cooked meals every night, I didn't even make the hand-decorated sugar cookies that I bought the cookie cutter for for Lu's baptism (gasp - I let it go...), my photos are professional quality, I haven't sewn/knit them all of the things on my list, and ON and ON. In my heart I know that I'm making choices that are best for our family and that I'm enough for them, but it still leaves me feeling like it's not enough at times.  I need to remind myself that it's not one mom doing all of these and that what I'm doing is enough.

I realize I'm probably sounding negative, and I don't intend to be.  I do enjoy reading blogs and will continue to keep up some of them with people on Facebook, but I think I need to put myself on somewhat of a "tech diet".  I'm finding myself wanting to just turn things off and hunker down with my all too rapidly growing girls.

So, for the handful of people who read this, I apologize if I completely bore you, but this lil blog is going to be pretty much dedicated to documenting the wee ones.  They're


Cutzi said...

I hear ya on much of this. I barely skim a lot of the blogs I'm subscribed to anymore as well. Mostly, I just want to see pics of home dec ideas or get new recipes and I skip the rest.

I know for myself though, I often write just to get it out of my head. I don't keep a journal but sometimes I just want to write.

It is sure fun to go back and see pictures of the kids from a few years ago and have a mental jog about what was going on in our lives at a particular time. I really wish I would have started printing the year out into a book from the start.

Julie said...

Cutzi - Yes! Me too. Sometimes I feel badly for not posting things that are more interesting to others, but this blog has become about documenting for our family and sometimes as an outlet for myself.