Saturday, October 22, 2011

The little things that get me.

There seem to have been a lot of changes around here lately. In a matter of days Lucy started feeding herself finger food, clapping, jumping in her jumper, scooching on her belly, and saying, "mamamama" (I know it doesn't count as talking or Mama but it's still darling!)

Stella's changes are less measurable but no less noticeable to me. The thing that's really gotten to me lately are her feet! I've been saying she's not a toddler anymore for a while now but the changes in her feet are making me sad. I'm nuts huh? She has kid feet instead of toddler feet and I haven't been able to get over it, Jim's tired of me talking about it! It's funny the stuff that hits you. Before that it was her coloring. She tries to really color things and much like another type A person in our house she wants things to be 'right'. The poor girl couldn't even color a spider for a contest anything but black because that's the color they are and she wants to win. We tried to suggest purple but that wasn't going to fly.

Time is going MUCH too quickly. They're still little and I already stress over and dread the day they leave. The house is so loud with two little girls screeching and though there are moments I'd like a bit of quiet, I can't stand the thought of a Saturday morning in this house without those sounds.

*Lu's my little bread loving girl. Here she's enjoying some Albertsons 4:00 bread like her Mama has so many times. The picture of Stella is from Jim's phone taken last Sunday when I was at a photography class. I love getting glimpses of their time together.

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MrsStadnik said...

So funny that you mention Stella's feet...I had that exact same thing happen with Maddie. I was obsessed with her ever changing and darling feet that I constantly kissed...I felt so sad when they became big girl feet! I have never heard anyone else say this!!!