Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday we went to the wedding of one of my all time favorite students (oh wait, teachers don't have favorites). She also just happened to finish college with a math ed degree just months before Lu was born and she was my sub while I was out. She looked gorgeous and the facility was so perfect it almost made me want to get married again, it would definitely be my choice!

Anyway, I'm taking a break from dishes and putting off sewing (I decided to make Stella's Halloween costume and think I'm in WAY over my head). I'm making baby food and thought I'd tell you about something that's making it so much easier this time around. I got this immersion blender from Amazon (love their free 2-day prime shipping!)  It's making baby food making process so much quicker and less messy this time around.  I can't wait to make butternut squash soup with it too!
I'm also liking Sally Hansen's Salon Effects.  I put my first pair on Friday night for the wedding Saturday.  They made it through chore day yesterday and still look like they did the first night.  I'm hoping they'll make it through another wedding this Saturday.  They're a bit pricey, but I'm sure I'll do them again sometime. Here's a cell phone pic of them.  Super easy to use!
Walgreens has special edition Halloween ones that Stella and I will most definitely be trying out! How cute are those ghosts?  I think if I cut the strips I can use one pack for both Stella and I.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Ghoulie Girl LIMITED EDITION HALLOWEEN
Finally, I got a few new apps for my phone last week and really like one of them.  I've been using GroceryIQ for a while now for my grocery list and I've really liked it.  I found ZipList though and thoug it's taking a bit to adjust, I think I'm going to like it better because you can link it.  Jim has it on his phone and you log on to you account so you can add to the list from either of our phones or a computer.  The only drawback so far is that while I was shopping yesterday new things kept popping up on my list.  I think I'll need to make sure that he knows that the list needs to be done BEFORE I'm shopping, not while.

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